S500-MK2-X (new)

S500 MK2-X principale
S500 MK2-X principale
S500 MK2-X principale
S500 MK2-X principale
S500 MK2-X principale
S500 MK2-X principale
S500 MK2-X principale
S500 MK2-X principale
S500 MK2-X principale


Specialized in designing and manufacturing high-end driver units and acoustic speakers, ATOHM has also been designing and offering high-performance amplifier modules for subwoofers for many years. Significant consecutive studies have been conducted on components, schematics, implementation topology, general construction, thermal behavior, and reliability. Thanks to our expertise in electro-acoustics, these studies take into account the actual behavior of speakers and their limits. Our exclusive X-GUARD™ technology ensures that the excursions of bass drivers never exceed an absolute limit at the lowest frequencies.

For over 10 years, our modules have been equipped with ICE POWER® power and supply stages. These ensure flawless power output. With exceptional current capabilities and very high damping factors, they are capable of powering any type of speaker. Combined with our exclusive U-GUARD™ technology, these stages provide smooth clipping and remain protected from any massive saturation.

ATOHM modules offer a purely analog signal processing that is designed to perfect the coupling of the woofer(s) with their load and to exploit all the dynamics without abrupt tonal changes or suspicious behavior when the system reaches its limits. Devoid of subsonic filters and latency, the adjustable dual low-pass filters allow for an ideal acoustic summation with any type of speaker. ATOHM modules offer a wide range of settings and connections to meet all audiophile Hi-Fi and home theater applications.

In these latest MK2 versions, we have prioritized French partners for the development and manufacturing of our CMS circuits and various parts. Ultimately, each unit is fully assembled, wired, and tested in our workshops, ensuring optimal quality.

High-quality technical and musical performances in a minimalist footprint.


Power output stage: : ICE POWER (R) D-CLASS
Amplifier module power : 500W rms/4ohms/80s/LFE mode
Impedance : load 4-16 ohms (3ohms mini)
Max. peak current (stage threshold) : 20A
Damping factor : above 1000
Signal / Noise ratio : 96dB(A)
Harmonic distorsion : below 0.1%
Subsonic crossover : None / X-Guard technology (Active excursion control )
Latency: : 0ms - full analog circuits
Low pass crossover : adjustable from 36 Hz (-3dB) to 178 Hz (-3dB)
Filtering slope : adjustable Butterworth 12dB or 24dB- switchable to LFE
Phase control : 0-180°
Low level input : 2x RCA + 1 XLR
High level input : 2x 4mm banana plugs
Output : 4.8mm terminals on the rear cup
Short circuit : Protected
Overheat protect : Yes
DC protect : Yes
soft start delay : yes - 2 sec.
Supply voltage : 115 V / 230 V (internal jump) 50 Hz
Power consumption : 700 Wmax 9.5W at iddle
Dimensions : 220*190*55 (mm) 8.66*7.48*2.16 (inch)
Weight : 0.9 kg / 2 lbs
: Main power cable / 80cm speaker cable with fast on connectors / 10 * 4.0*25mm screws