ZEF Max Set

Zef Max Set

ZEF Max Set

Remaining faithful to its high-end philosophy and relying on its wealth of experience, ATOHM has produced a range of cables and connectors that will satisfy even the most demanding music lovers. To make the best possible use of “surface” currents on the cable, much research went into assembling the conducting structure for ZEF cables. The structure consists of a central core made of OCC copper (extremely pure single crystal copper) surrounded by multiple strands of solid silver-plated Ultra Cast OFC copper.

The advantage of this design is that it offers excellent conductivity over a very large bandwidth. To guarantee the purest possible signal and prevent any kind of distortion due to electrostatic interference, ZEF MODULATION, ZEF MAX and ZEF SPEAKER cables are insulated with Fluoropolymer (FEP & PTFE). With their unique design and a rigorous choice of materials, “ZEF” speaker cables provide perfect signal transmission. Far from producing any “flattering effect”, they simply reproduce the most infinite details in the music.

The ZEF MAX Set includes ZEF MAX cables (standard length of 2*3m or tailor-made if longer), splitters and high end OCC copper connectors WT-STU (silver plated) with both fork or banana end plugs.


Length : 2*3 m (standard) / tailor-made if longer
Terminals : WT-STU-SET
Cross section : 5.2 mm² / about 10 AWG
OCC Copper : 6 mono-strands
UC-OFC Silver plated : 343 multi-strands
Fluoropolymer (FEP) insulation : Yes
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